Low Volume Production Plastic Parts: Rapid Injection Molding


The advantage to DDM is that you can create production parts in as little as one day. This is great for those low volume orders where it is hard to justify tooling when you only need a small quantity of parts, but also need full functionality. The use of DDM is endless, but we have seen these uses for jigs, fixtures, customized parts, unique once only orders and many more.

Rapid Injection Molding (Rapid Tooling + Injection Molding)

Rapid Injection Molding SampleVistaTek leads the way in aluminum moldmaking for Production injection molding. We have combined our technology and highly skilled staff to provide production aluminum molds to produce rapid injection molded plastic parts in as little as 5 days with our InstaTek™ Process and 2-5 weeks with our BridgeTek™ Process.

  • Q: What separates us from our competition?

  • A: In those short time frames we can create complex molds capable of under cuts, overmolding, insert molds and highly detailed parts out of many plastic resin materials. Rapid Injection Molding is perfect for parts from 50 parts to 100,000+.

We manufacture the parts that you intended. There is no redesign to fit into our process.

VistaTek runs 3 shiftsshifts and has the capability on our injection molding presses to run “lights out” with the use of end of arm robotics. The quality of VistaTek’s tooling does not take a back seat to anyone. Day in and day out, our manufactured plastic parts are put into some of the most demanding industries with great success.

The materials for your plastic parts that VistaTek can run are endless. We can run our in-house materials or you can supply us with your custom material. We can run, but are not just limited to:

ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Glass-filled Nylon, Acetyl, PLA, Polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE, Polysulfone, etc.


IF you would like to see a comparison chart bewteen 3D printing, CNC Machining, and Rapid Injection Molding technologies, please click here.